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Kauzala Pioneers Vastu-Passivhaus in UK Home-Building Expansion
As part of the firm's foundational commitment to effect positive change through commercial activity, all new Kauzala homes in the UK will meet what is considered to be the world's most rigorous voluntary building code for energy efficiency, the German-Swedish Passivhaus (passive house) standard.
Sustainability is a central component of Kauzala's dharmic real estate development approach, and its UK ultra-sustainable housing scheme, one of the largest in the country, also comfortably exceeds every stipulated British standard for energy efficiency and environmental impact.

"Everyone should have the opportunity to live in a sustainable home. Even if doing so is not a priority for them, maybe we could play a role in educating buyers as to why it's important for them, the country and the environment," says Kauzala founder, Abhaey Singh.

"As a starting point, we are beginning to incorporate ancient Vedic scientific principles in the use of light, space, energy flow and orientation, to ensure that these new homes provide the highest possible quality of life for residents over a lifetime.

Even the earth's magnetic field has an effect on the body and blood flow, especially when one sleeps; Indian scientist-scholars figured out how to orient rooms and sleeping positions to aid bodily function and well-being, and if we have that knowledge, it's our duty to share it, to put it to good use."

Due to the pre-determined layouts of current projects, Kauzala's roll-out of Vastu-compliant homes will take place in phases over the next two years, with part-Vastu-compliant homes initially being built in early 2016. As ever, an impeccable standard of construction remains the starting point for Kauzala's new homes, which are founded on a holistic home-building philosophy:

"We build homes for human beings, not 'buyers'. I would like to be able to walk into any of our patrons' homes in 5, 10, or 50 years' time with the confidence that I will be welcomed with a smile, with genuine affection and respect for our work. Those are the blessings and that is the love we seek from the children who will grow up in these homes, and from the parents and adults for whom they will be sanctuaries from the outside world. It's a moral responsibility to give them something special, to get the details right," says Singh.

"Our homes must therefore be as close to perfection as possible beyond quality of construction and finishing, such as in value-added utility, life-cycle costs, environmental impact, and of course things that we are not even conscious of, which Vastu architecture takes care of.

For instance, energy fields - not just from the ground, water bodies, and the sun, but even from electrical circuitry and plumbing - have a marginal impact on our wellbeing. The genius of Vastu is that it has logical architectural solutions to all of these challenges, and its framework adapts to new technologies and approaches such as Passivhaus, which works effortlessly within the Vastu framework. In fact, the overlaps between this ancient science and the modern Passivhaus approach are striking."

Kauzala's Vastu-Passivhaus building scheme incorporates cutting edge technologies and expertise from India, Germany, Canada and Great Britain; all homes are also packed with innovative and helpful features often only reserved for luxury properties, reflecting Kauzala's insistence on 'dharmic' home building:

"Everyone has their own product philosophy; for me, luxury is about utility and convenience, not perception or snob value. And I don't believe that the broader home buying public should be denied that quality and utility. So every one of our special features - from Vastu to mountain air systems, Passivhaus to 'protected walkways' - is standard fare in every new home we build in the UK.

Obviously there is a small premium for our properties, but it's still very accessible - as was always our aim - and more than pays for itself through substantially lower life-cycle costs in terms of power consumption, maintenance and most of all, quality of life. Discerning buyers immediately understand and value this' adds Singh.

Kauzala UK's award-winning real estate team have decades of experience designing, building and managing new build projects for FTSE 100 and government organisations.



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